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About EMONE Vehicle Wrapping

Looking for a professional, polished vehicle-wrapping service based in Manchester? Look no further than Emone.

We provide a new, exciting look for your car to update and reenergise your image. If you love your car but fancy a change, a new colour wrap could be just the thing you’re looking for. So what exactly is vehicle wrapping?

Simply put, it is a method of coating your car with a thin vinyl layer which fits onto the body of your car to protect it from the wear and tear of everyday life. In addition to the layer of protection, wrapping also give your vehicle’s appearance a much-needed update. It can revamp, reinvent and restore your whole vehicle, giving it a boost both cosmetically and practically. The car you drive says something about who you are.

From a simple glance, opinions can be formed, judgments made and don’t you want those impressions to be the best they can be?

Perhaps you’ve just bought a second hand car and want to give it a new look. We can do this for you at a great price.
With a simple vehicle wrap, we cover the outside of your car with a new vibrant colour of your choosing to make your new car more reflective of your personality. Whether you want the whole body wrapped or a part-body wrap, Emone is here for you and can provide just what you need.

With over 170 different shades to choose from, a colour wrap is perfect for providing a whole new, dynamic look to your vehicle.

Take a look through our gallery to see just what vehicle-wrapping can do for you. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch today for a free consultation and a no obligation quote.


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